So I bought a few games on Amazon over the weekend.

The two games in question: Dragon Quest XI and Ni No Ku Ni
I bought DQ because I played the demo and was able to survive the mild clench induced headache. It’s totally worth the motion sickness.
The other game I bought because it was on sale too.

So both games I got for under $80. Under normal circumstances it would be closer to $110. So yeah, I think I got a good deal.

And since it is my birthday month, I probably shouldn’t have bought them. But being a married person with a shared bank account…why miss out on a sale?
I won’t get anything else, besides yarn…

Rose City Yarn Crawl is this coming weekend. I don’t really want to go because of the crowd and covid-19 going around locally.:(
But I also don’t want to miss out on my favorite independent yarn dyers. _heavy sigh_

I don’t know what happened, but looks like my old blog settings got messed up. I know that I was way behind on updating my site. But…I figured stuff would still work since I was just using the WP as a blog, nothing crazy going on over there in terms of software and settings. But alas, it is gone.

I’ve lost easy access to those blog posts, but I haven’t deleted the old hosting account…so technically it’s all there, somewhere, hopefully.

Ugh, 7 years of blogging all gone. 🙁 

But this does give me a good kick in the pants to get this blog to focus on something. I hadn’t regularly posted on my first blog in years. And this is a good thing! I don’t have any reason not to give this website a good focus.

What do I do?

I play video games – female perspective, motion sickness awareness

I am into fiber arts – knitting, crochet, spinning, felting

I love my cat – my little cinnamon roll of terror

I casually hoard beauty products – maybe I’ll actually do reviews? (probably not, lol)