Bold Inspiration – a free knitting pattern

Well hello there! I went and did a thing! 😀 Last night I published my first official knitting pattern on Ravelry! Hurrah for me!! Bold Inspiration is a free knitting pattern available for download on this page or through Ravelry. But as most of us know, Rav’s got some iteration to work through to make… Continue reading Bold Inspiration – a free knitting pattern

August Update

Well it’s the end of the month here soon. ALREADY! Projects I’ve worked on range from speed knitting another sweater, challenging myself with a lace weight single strand silk mohair cardigan, and getting my Nintendo Switch streaming setup going. So far so good? It’s been a hard month emotionally. Been trying to stop myself from… Continue reading August Update

Skincare Guide

One of my cousins reached out to be recently to ask for advice about skincare. My immediate reaction was to ask what her skin type is and what her goals were. Knowing these two things make building a skincare routine to be more effective. There are a lot of blogs and resources out there explaining… Continue reading Skincare Guide

a fresh start

I don’t know what happened, but looks like my old blog settings got messed up. I know that I was way behind on updating my site. But…I figured stuff would still work since I was just using the WP as a blog, nothing crazy going on over there in terms of software and settings. But… Continue reading a fresh start

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