Well it’s the end of the month here soon. ALREADY!

Projects I’ve worked on range from speed knitting another sweater, challenging myself with a lace weight single strand silk mohair cardigan, and getting my Nintendo Switch streaming setup going.

So far so good?

It’s been a hard month emotionally. Been trying to stop myself from doom scrolling. The most effective deterrent that I’ve discovered is to be physically active.

Lately I have been exercising more, making an effort to bake more (which inevitably results in more activity due to the standing and the oven checking). The best thing to help me keep on track with this is to use the Strava app. My sister-in-law suggested that I use it. Now, I know it’s mostly for geo tracking actual activity, but I’m a house hermit taking advantage of every excuse not to leave the house. I have a stationary bike that I got from a co-worker earlier this year before the Covid-19 pandemic got spread throughout the state. So all-in-all, I’m making a legitimate effort to not let myself completely atrophe.

And tbh, I really like it. I’ve never liked the sting in my lungs from running or biking outside. And I like that my legs are feeling better. I feel more energized and I feel better about myself. AND I feel no guilt at all from eating my own baked goods. 🙂 Positives all around!

My next big hurdle is making sure I stretch properly.

So yeah, that’s been my August so far.